Cashmere gloves

At we have sourced the finest materials and fabrics to design these gloves. Some are made with authentic cashmere sourced from a Scottish mill. With its irresistible soft texture, we believe that cashmere is the ultimate fabric to design winter ensembles. They have all been meticulously manufactured with a superb finish. With a variety of colours, these gloves have been styled in endless designs to perfectly accompany your winter accessories. They embody simply playful yet classic styles. Those gloves made using cashmere have been exceptionally crafted with a tight knit or a cable knit - which locks in the warmth ensuring your hands remain cosy and protected from the brutal winter weather. The leather gloves can be paired with a sophisticated outfit; they exude a sense of opulence. These gloves make the perfect gift, treat a loved one this winter with these luxurious gloves. 

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