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How to take care of Cashmere Gloves?

How to take care of Cashmere Gloves?

Cashmere gloves are among luxurious, soft, warm and desirable fashion accessories you can own. Despite the fact that they can be expensive, these gloves remain popular to this day. Proper care of the cashmere gloves will ensure they last for a lifetime.

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Pre-wash cashmere gloves

Before washing the gloves, lay your knit flat and remove pill balls using a lint or bristled garment brush, electric fabric shaver or sweater comb. You can also use a pair of sharp scissors to remove one pill at a time, being careful not to damage the fabric by cutting too close to the surface. To prevent pilling, brush the gloves regularly. In addition, do not allow the cashmere gloves to rub against rough clothing, metal accessories, belts, jewelry, bags or seat belts.

Hand wash to keep your gloves looking new

Hand washing is the best way to keep your cashmere gloves looking new. Turn them inside out before submerging them in a basin of lukewarm or cool water mixed with a detergent specifically intended for fine garments. Be sure the detergent is completely dissolved in the water before submerging your delicate cashmere gloves. Swish the gloves gently and leave them to soak for around 15-20 minutes. Drain the water in the sink and gently press out excess water from the gloves. Add more lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly until the water is clear.

Avoid wringing the gloves. Once you have thoroughly rinsed and removed most of the water, place the gloves on a clean, dry bath towel. Place another towel on top of the cashmere gloves and roll the towels and gloves for the towels to absorb excess water. Place the gloves on a clean drying rack and let them air dry.

Make sure the gloves are drying away from direct sunlight. Never hang your cashmere gloves as hanging will distort the shape and fit.


How you should store your cashmere clothes is a question that is easy to answer. Make sure your gloves are clean and completely dry before storing them because molds and mildews thrive in warm, moist environment.

Store your cashmere gloves by placing in a breathable zipper bag. Throw in a handful of cedar chips, moth balls or other effective moth repellent in your storage area of choice to deter moth and mold activity. The storage area should be free from sunlight, dust and dampness. If you have to use the washing machine, turn your garment inside out in a wash bag and choose the most delicate setting for wash and spin.

Always take note of the manufacturer's instructions to make sure you use the proper cleaning and care procedures for your cashmere gloves.

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